The Boring Gospels


I’m ashamed to say that I don’t find all books in the bible… interesting. Or captivating might be a better word. When I go to the bible for a daily quiet time, the gospels never jump out at me to read. Never. I mean Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all eye-witness accounts of the life of Jesus. In my mind, I’m thinking why do we need so many? I’ve read Matthew. Do I really need to read the other 3? And on another note, it’s hard to apply a single verse. It’s not as easy as reading the book of James, for example. It’s basically a black and white small book about what one should/shouldn’t do to become more like Jesus/growing closer to Him. Easy read, easy stuff (for the most part).

But, reading the gospels take time. Because it’s an account, it’s written in a story like way. There isn’t a lot of room to choose one verse to memorize. Most of the time, the take away is an entire story. And what I’ve found for myself, is that sometimes I don’t even understand how cool one of the stories/miracles are until I understand the context of the story. And understanding the story can take time, because you have to dig and research what stuff means. And research takes time, folks…time. :/

If you ever have been reluctant to read the gospels for fun, a quiet time, or to do a study over it, here are some reasons that have given me a desire to read and appreciate them.

  1. The books are an account about the one who Saves us. The most obvious reason is here; “It’s all about Jesus, of course it’s important”. If you are a true Christian and have a new life in Jesus, wouldn’t you think it would be important to know about the very One whose life you gave? To even trust his holiness and sovereignty? It’s pretty important. And even just to get a glimpse into the life of the One who is all-powerful. Reading about the miracles he performed, how He talked to his people, how He he initiated with people who doubted Him, how He treated His disciples, How he is the ultimate example of sacrifice and love? If this one reason isn’t enough for someone to want to read them… I have more.
  2. IF you’re like me, sometimes you need more convincing. More proof. More evidence. More….evidence to sway your mind. So on to number two. The proof of the four accounts (books) is evidence that these were real events that happened, given by four different men. As a naturally doubtful person, my first inclination when reading or hearing about something that is “miraculous” is to wonder if it really happened at all. But it’s really cool to think that even God desired to have four different accounts about his Son, Jesus. It’s said that if things are repeated they’re important, right? Well think about how much God wanted us to know about His son, and why He came for us. That makes it seem more personal to me, that our God really wanted me to get it… To emphasize that we are all sinful, and just like all of those people Jesus saved on His time here on earth, He wants to do that for me and you too.
  3. Really piecing apart stories and just reflecting on them is so rewarding. There are things that make you sit back and think about. And most of the time, I walk away with information I had never intended or expected to learn.

Here is a link to a song-sermon that brought some life to the gospels for me. The pastor is Judah Smith.

This song-sermon is special to me, which I might add why in another post sometime.

If you have any favorite stories from Matt, Mark, Luke, and John feel free to share!

Happy September folks!



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  1. I started reading Luke over a month ago, and I’m not halfway done yet. Each morning I look out how much I read, and think it’s going to take me forever. I’m trying to read through the New Testament as close to how it was chronologically written as I can. It’s funny you’re blogging about it, because Luke is the first gospel I’ve gotten to and I was NOT excited about it. It has been so good! Of course, Jesus seems to defy my expectations and show me His goodness instead pretty much on a daily basis. From Luke, I’ve always loved Mary & Martha and the woman who washes Jesus’s feet with her tears. Mary’s words to the angel Gabriel “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord, let it be to me according to your word” and Jesus calming the storm in the middle of the night while He and the disciples are at sea have recently been ~captivating~ in my times with the Lord! Great thoughts, Jo.

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