So this summer has been different for me. I’m super extroverted and so this summer has been really cool how to learn to be content with what the Lord has given me or taken. And one of the coolest things I’ve learned this summer is how to confront fear/doubt in relationships, situations, and with God, and also how to be vulnerable with Christ and other people. So, bear with me because I’m about to become vulnerable over a computer screen. And my flesh hates talking about brokenness because of pride, but I’ve learned to love being broken in Christ because I get to boast about Him – and He is the STRENGTH in my oh so many weaknesses.

Spent about 3 weeks in Colorado with CRU sharing the gospel.
Spent 3 weeks in CO sharing the gospel with CRU.

My goal is to be whole in Christ. In Colossians 2, Paul talks about how as believers we should be pursuing spiritual fullness in Christ. I started praying in May that God would reveal to me things in my life and heart that were hindering my ministry and relationship with Him. This summer, I was given the opportunity of being alone for most of everyday and used that time to spend in God’s word and prayer. Jesus loved me enough to strip me of my community and spend quality time with me all day everyday. And here’s the thing, I just have to praise Him because He has done so much work in my rebellious and frightened heart AND has been SO faithful in staying by my side when I want to run. Oh how He delivers!!!!!

  • Jesus is healing a girl with severe anxiety that has lead to medical disorders where my body doesn’t work how it should.
  • God has revealed lies I’ve lived by, has helped me dig up those roots, and in turn planting truth in those areas
  • The Lord showed me that I put a lot of my confidence in makeup, and how I could present myself
  • God has given me so much compassion for people and life and an overwhelming desire for ministry.
  • He has helped me trust him with my dietary difficulties and has helped me learn to be content with the cup and portion that He has assigned me.
  • Jesus has shown me to be dependent on Him and on Him only.
  • By grace, the Lord has given me tools to help confront fears and stop having nightmares as frequently.
The girl who promised to stay by my side.
The girl who promised to stay by my side.

2 Corinthians, Apostle Paul is addressing the church in Corinth and verse 10:17 says But, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” Ask me about it, because I would love to tell you how cool Jesus is. He is intricately woven in every area of my life.  405-808-4803.

So how can I be complete when all of these things are going on in my heart? Well, I can’t. That’s where God comes in. And because I’ve surrendered my life to Jesus, the same power that raised Him from the dead is now the same power in me. . . By God’s grace and because He loves me so much, I get to bring all of these things to Him and let Him dwell in the places in my heart that are hurt, confused, or lonely. I’m holding hands with the Creator who keeps me still when I want to run in fear, and because I’m his child, He will never let go.

Jesus can redeem and restore your broken life.

I have the greatest love story known to man. The love of my life accepted death on my behalf because he was more concerned about restoring the broken relationship between me and my heavenly Father. Someone loved ME enough to not let that happen… Is that sinking in? Jesus said I was worth it. ME! The person who left him there on the cross! I was worth it, and so are YOU.

Jesus is worth giving up everything for!

He is worth it.

Summer thunderstorms are my absolute favorite type of weather. The temperature is comfortable enough to remain outside and be caught up in it. Rain is just beautiful and I feel like I’m in the middle of God’s mystery when all of these things are combined. And tonight Jesus let me be apart the storm. I’m in bed with my curtain open and there’s nothing better than watching the storm and God’s glory begin unfolding before I sleep. So undeserving.

Jesus is showing me how anything broken can be restored AND redeemed. I’m falling more in love with my Savior everyday.

Jesus is worth it.


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